The Royals Promo Video

This video of the Royals in action does need a bit of explaining. Unfortunately you don’t get 8 vocalists when you hire the band. The whole idea behind the video is to highlight the talent pool the Royals have at their disposal. They have access to Sydney’s finest vocalists and now so do you. It offers ultimate flexibility when organising music for different events. The Royals singers can cover rock, soul, funk, reggae and modern hits. Once a brief is given they will find the right person for the job.  The band can be anything from a 5 piece to a 10 piece.

Ultimately though. What you need to realise after you watch the video, is that it doesn’t matter who sings with the band because The Royals use only the very best of the best. Vocalists appearing in the clip are, Amy Chase, India-Rose, Laura Stitt, Michelle Martinez, Rob Edwards, Adam Katz, Cheyenne Kavanagh and Mr Wilson. There are more singers to choose from. They could only fit so any in the one clip. Please leave a comment about our novel approach.

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