The Royal Promo Video

The Royals first point of business was to shoot a video so that, you the viewing public, can see just how special this group is. The concept for the video was to show the bands musicianship, it’s diversity with material and genre, and the talent of the musicians. So how do you do that? Scotty Sax came up with a plan to do a live recording that featured all the best bits of the band. It would feature 8 of Sydneys elite vocalists, singers that he has worked with over the last 10 or more years and trusts emphatically to nail it. He then approached his good friends, videographer James Mellows from content kitchen and Fernando Aragones who runs Love studio in North Curl Curl and started hatching a plan to film 7 songs in 4 mins featuring all the vocalists.

Why so many vocalists for a 4 min song? Good question mused Scotty Sax. ‘What we are trying to show the audience or prospective client is that whilst all the singers have their own unique style, they also have a common ground in that they achieve a similar result’. ‘By a similar result I mean, knock it out of the park’. ‘Basically if a singer isn’t able to deliver an incredible performance with their vocal talent and or stage presence then we won’t be working with them’.

A rehearsal was planned and the band members put the wheels into motion. Tim Curnick (bass) and Haydn Walker (guitar) took the idea and ran with it, coming up with several great song choices and started figuring out how they could weave the songs together so that it replicated a DJ style mash up. Then the vocal parts were passed onto the singers and a date was set to record.

‘It was a bit of risk’, said Scotty. ‘Recording live always is. Everyone needs to be perfect or we have to start the take again’. In took 7 takes in all to get the one. The audio has been mixed and mastered and now the only step left is to edit it.

Stay tuned – the video will be for all to see very soon.

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