Sydney’s best wedding reception venues

What are Sydneys best live music venues for an event???

Who are we to judge…. Well we perform at these place all the time so we know what works and what doesn’t. Not all venues suit live music. Beautiful architecture often means horrible acoustics, and horrible acoustics often lead to an average performance. With the right acoustics the band gets inspired and the audience gets excited. This sets up a loop of mutual satisfaction. As the audience respond the band the band respond to the audience and the loop of awesome can escalate into a truly amazing experience for everyone involved.

So where are these magical venues? After 15 years performing live on the Sydney scene here are our Royal favourites in no particular order;

The boathouse – Palm beach

The boathouse

This is a semi indoor out door set up for the band. Why does it work? It’s got a wooden floor. There are no reflective surfaces. The band plays on the deck and the crowd dances either immediately in front of the band, or down on the the lower deck. Our gigs here just always sound great!!

Moby’s – Whale Beach


This is run by the same people that own the boathouse. It’s a completely different set up, but it’s just as good. There is a raised section that the band sets up on, effectively acting as a stage. In years gone by this was a live music venue so the bare bones of the place really suit live music. Lots of wood around the place and it’s a nice big room so the sound can spread out. We love playing there!

Dunbar House – Watsons Bay


There’s 2 options here. We can set up in the back room or we can set up in the main dinning room. Either way the room is carpeted and the wall papered walls seem to soak up the low frequency’s. The advantage of the bar room is that everyone is contained to a small area. This makes for a great party.

The Deckhouse – Woolwhich


Again we have wooden floors and whilst there is a lot of glass, it’s offset by the vast amount of space. It’s a big venue and the sound doesn’t bounce off the walls to much. When empty it’s noticeably boomy, but as soon as guest fill the dance floor the wave-forms get soaked up and it sounds fantastic.

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