The Royal story


This band has been put together for the soul purpose of rocking a celebration. The idea was simple. Get the very best musicians and pair them with the most amazing vocalist. Good musicians are more exciting to watch and listen too. It sounds so obvious but it’s something to consider when shopping around. If you need something special for your event then look no further, you’ve found it.

The core musicians of The Royals have almost a century of experience between them, with technical acumen that has seen them play and collaborate with some of Australia’s most legendary acts.

It’s one heck of a dream team;

  • On keyboard our regular hired gun is Kristen Fletcher, who has shared the stage with Dami Im, Horrorshow and Urthboy;
  • Guitarist Haydn Walker, whom has co-written, arranged for and played with the likes of Grinspoon and Darren Hayes. Haydn also works at iconic jingle writing company Song Zu as a creative director;
  • Dave Hibbard (personal motto: “Ringo all the way!”) who has recorded and toured with Jimmy Barnes, The Whitlams and James Morrison;
  • and bass player Tim Curnick, who is a go to bass player for many touring bands including Rita Ora, Daniel Johnstone, Richard Clapton, Mitchel Anderson and Time Freedman.
  • On Sax is Scotty Sax, who has been a regular in the clubs scene of Sydney for 2 decades.

The incredible house crew are paired with a selection of vocalists curated for your event. The Royals vocalists are the finest from the Australian music scene and are sourced from the height of the industry, from film and television fame or supporting the world’s biggest vocal acts on Australian stages. Having recruited only the best and most in-demand vocalists on the scene, each talent is picked because their performances are fit for a king.

This group of killer musicians is lead by saxophonist, DJ and mastermind Scotty Sax, who commandeered Sydney’s obsession with live saxophone collaborations with party DJs. A staple of the city’s premier nightclubs for two decades, Scotty has infused the club music scene with live instrumental life, whether it be playing alongside the best club DJs or fusing sax to his own DJ sets.

Treat yourself to the absolute elite of Sydney’s live musical entertainers and remix your event with Royal edge.